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Semi automatic to pump

When I went hunting today I did not have my trusty semi automatic Beretta Xtrema 391,  instead I had a Mossberg pump. On the first covey of quail that popped up my first shot went off fine, and then the second shot would not go off no matter how many times I tried to pull the trigger. Oh yeah, forgot to pump. After a while I got a the hang of the whole pump your gun before you shoot. After shooting the pump more I started to realize that I was shooting the pump better then if I would have been shooting a semi. Here are some of my theories on why.

Usually when I shoot my semi if I don’t have my head down on the stalk of the gun, then I will not hit anything. So on my semi I will shoot all three of my shells and not even realize the mistake that I have made by keeping my head up the whole time when I shot. When I’m shooting the pump I will shoot the gun and miss my first shot, when I realize I missed the first shot and have to pump the gun I have that little bit of time to figure out that my head is not down and then fix my mistake on the shooting. I realize during that couple of seconds on what I’m not doing right and have to fix the problem while I’m pumping the shotgun.

So I have come to the conclusion that even though a pump might not be as easy to use as a semi it can make you a better shot by making you think about how you are shooting and what you might be doing wrong. Now I have decided no matter how much I love to shoot my semi I should shoot the old pump every now and again to help and improve my shot.

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Big Game tags in Nevada

This is for people who have never put in for big game tags who live in Nevada or they are out-of-state or they have never put in before. I will talk about the difficulty of drawing each tag and how long it might take you to draw the tag that you want to get.

Nevada has a lottery system  for most of its big game tags, in the lottery you have a choice of 5 areas where you might want to put in for that animal. Each area has a different degree of difficulty for drawing that tag. So when the lottery starts and your number gets called upon they will see if your first selection is available and if it isn’t they will move on to your second and so on. 

Point System- Every year you don’t get picked for a big game tag you receive a bonus point which will increase your odds of drawing a big game tag the next year.

First let me talk about the odds of getting a big game tag if you are a non-resident compared to a resident.  Non residents have a much harder time drawing a tag because they give out less tags to non residents. Take for an example if you are a non-resident and you put in for an area. In that area they have a quota of 5 tags for Non residents while they will have 50 tags for residents.

Mountain Lion- Is one of the easiest big game tags to draw. Usually after the big game draw they have left over mountain lion tags that you can buy over the counter. You can get two mountain lion tags a year. Mountain Lion unlike the other big game animals can be hunted anywhere where there is a mountain lion and there is no restriction to where you have to hunt. But once the quota is hit they will call off the mountain lion hunt for that area.

Mule Deer- Depending on which area you put in for Mule deer tags can generally be drawn every 1-2 years. I put in for much harder areas for Mule Deer and I might get a tag once every 3-5 years. Mule deer hunting in Nevada can be some of the best.

Antelope is like deer depending on which area you put in for. You can generally draw a tag every 1-2 years depending on what area you put in for. I put in for much harder areas and I might draw a tag once every 5-7 years. I’m also very unlucky in this draw. Once you draw a tag and do not harvest an antelope you must wait one year before you can put in again. If you harvest an antelope then you must wait 5 years before you can put in again. Nevada has a healthy Antelope population and can usually produce some monsters.

Rocky Mountain Sheep- This tag is very hard to get and takes most people at least 10 -30 years to get. There are always cases where people draw it the first year they put in but it is pretty rare.  There are only four areas to put in for. Lately there has been a massive die off of Rocky Mountain Sheep in a certain area that will make this tag that much harder to get.  If you draw a tag and don’t harvest a sheep then you must wait 5 years before you can put in again. If you draw a tag and harvest a sheep then you must wait ten years. I have never drawn this tag before

Desert Sheep- Tag generally takes 10-20 years to draw. Unlike the Rocky Mountain this tag has more areas to choose from on which area you want to go to. Same rules applies if you draw and or harvest a desert sheep. I have never drawn this tag before. Nevada is pretty well-known for its Desert Sheep. The Governors tag which permits the hunter who buys the tag to hunt anywhere in the state that has an open season on Desert sheep generally sells for over $100,000.

California Sheep- Tag generally takes 10 -20 years to draw. I think there is around ten areas in which you can choose from. Same rules apply as the other sheep when it comes to drawing and harvesting an animal. I have never drawn this tag before. Nevada has a good population and there are generally a couple of bombers that are taken every year.

Elk-The elk numbers in Nevada are growing rapidly. When the elk were first transplanted in Nevada it was very hard to draw. Now there are more elk tags and they are getting easier to draw. If you draw a tag and do not harvest you have to wait five years before you can put in again. If you harvest an elk then you have to wait ten years before you can put in again. I drew this tag the first time I put in, it took my dad 30 years before he drew his tag. So results may vary on drawing this tag. I got a very nice 340 bull and generally bulls from 380-400 are taken every year. I have a friend who harvested a 408. So Nevada has big elk.

Goat- There are three areas in which you can put in for Goat at. These tags are very hard to draw and might take a minimum of 15 years before you draw one. Same rules apply as the elk if you draw and or harvest a goat. I have never drawn this tag before. Nevada has nice size goats and a good population.

Black Bear-Nevada just had its first black bear season where it issued 40 black bear tags but only 20 bears could be taken and of those 20 only 10 of those could be female. And if more than 10 female bears were taken then they would shut off the season for the year. I don’t know the odds for this tag since it is still in its first year. I knew a couple of people who drew the tag and were successful in harvesting a black bear.

I hope this helps you out about the big game situation in Nevada. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Happy Hunting


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Ice Hunting for ducks in Nevada

As I sit here and look at the weather forecast I can see that the weather is going to be very cold, which means in most cases better hunting but it also means that the ice is coming. When the ice comes it can be a very rewarding but sometimes dangerous hunt. Here are some simple tools and rules that I use when I go ice hunting.

Some of the rules that I go by are fairly simple such as never go on a pond where you know you can’t touch the bottom or you don’t know how deep the pond is. When I go ice hunting I always take somebody with me just in case I fall through the ice and need help to get out.

Now for the tools. If you have never tried using ice cleats that strap on to your waders before I would strongly encourage you to. Most of them are rather lite and it gives you better traction on the ice so you don’t look like Bambi and end up on your face.

I always take a sled with me. Not only can it carry a lot of decoys but it can also be a huge help if you fall through the ice. The sled is also useful in making a hole in the middle of the ice. When I make a hole in the ice I usually try to make a large circle in the ice, and when I finish my circle I push the large circle of ice that I just cut out under the ice, which will give you a nice clean hole with no other articles of ice in the hole.

Now that you know what to do go out there and have fun.

Happy Hunting


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Tips for Teal Hunting

Here are some helpfull tips that I have learned from my time hunting teal. Northern Nevada has a very stable of teal that stay in the Stillwater marsh all season. From February till September the marsh is filled with beautiful Cinnamon Teal. From Ocotober till January the marsh has an abundance of migrating teal. Here are some helpfull tips to make you successful in harvesting teal.

It doesnt matter how many decoys you put out. And it also doesnt matter what kind of decoys you put out. I have had teal land in my goose and swan decoys they do not descriminate on where they land. But the one thing that you need to do with the decoys and teal is to make sure that the teal decoys are visible, I have found that teal if they see decoys will buzz them no matter what you put out.

Duck calling at teal is not for the experts. Anyone can blow a duck call at a teal and as long as it sounds like a duck the teal will generally come in. I feel that just making noise will attract the teal and help encourage them to come into your decoys.

Make sure you have a good lead on the birds that you are shooting at. Teal are moving faster then they look and I have found that they generally need a six foot lead to be successfull in harvesting a teal.

The most important factor is the scouting. If you find where the teal are going in at, you will have a great hunt.

Happy Hunting


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To Much Wind

As a duck hunter I’m always asked what makes for a good day of duck hunting. My answer to them is that the wind has to be blowing fairly decent for it to be a good day of duck hunting. It seems that you can never have to much wind while your duck hunting, right? Sitting here at home where the wind has blown my garbage can to Oz and has knocked out my internet connection which has me blogging from cell phone has led me to this conclusion that sometimes to much wind is not a good thing for duck hunting. Here are some instances when you might have to much wind while your duck hunting.

When you are duck hunting on a small pond and the pond starts to white cap, might mean you have to much wind.

When you are duck hunting and put out your duck decoys and the wind pushes the decoys to the other side of the pond, and when you go to retrieve your decoys and notice that the string and weight are still attached might mean you have to much wind while your duck hunting.

When you are duck hunting and you shoot a duck that is five feet in front of you and by the time it falls down 300 yards away might mean you have to much wind while your duck hunting.

When the ducks don’t fly when it is to windy generally means that it is to windy for duck hunting.

And the number one way to tell that you have to much wind while your duck hunting is when you stand up to take a shot at a duck and the wind pushes you down probably means there is to much wind for duck hunting.

Keep your feet on the ground and happy hunting


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Make your own Low Water Blind

Dont like the pricey blinds that they have for sale at Cabelas or any of the other big stores that generally go for around three hundred dollars? I have a new blind that I put together that can sit in  2-4 inches of water and can be completely undetectable by the birds. Here is the good news they are cheap to put together and they are light to move around and can also be multiused for other hunting jobs as well.  Here are some of the things that you are going to need to make one of my low water blinds.

The first thing that you are going to need is a jet sled. Make sure that it is at least 5 feet long since you will be lying down in it when you hunt. And also make sure that it is at least 4 inches tall.  Jet sleds can go from $20 to $150 dollars. The good thing about the jet sled is that you can also use it to carry all of your hunting gear to and from the marsh. And it doesnt have to be just for a blind.

The next thing that you are going to need is fast grass. Make sure you buy the color of fast grass that goes best with natural color of marsh that you hunt in. Make sure you buy enough fast grass to cover your entire self along with parts of the jet sled. Fast grass can go for around $20 to $40 dollars. Other uses that I have for fast grass is for goose hunting and other areas of hunting where you might need to conceal yourself.

Another thing that you might want to purchase or make is some kind of back rest where you can rest your back and head comfortably and have a better vision on where the ducks are coming from.

Now you have a nice low water hunting blind that cost you under $200. 

Happy Hunting


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Why I leave my Shotgun at home for traveling

I have in the past traveled with my shotgun going to such countries as Argentina, Canada, and Arkansas, well the third one is not a country but I still brought my passport just in case. All three of these locations I have brought my shotgun to go bird hunting with. All three of these locations I have had problems with taking my shotgun in. So the question is should I take my shotgun?

When I first started to go to Canada for the first five times I would always take my shotgun with me just for the comfort factor in the fact that I know I can shoot it pretty accurate. On my last two visits to Canada I have been renting my shotgun from the outfitter in Canada. And I must say renting the shotgun is the way to go. The first problem is the price that is going to go along with your baggage if you want to take your gun. And since Southwest does not fly into Edmonton we have to use one of the other airlines who charge excessive amounts of money for every extra baggage you bring. The second reason why I would rent my gun through the outfitter is that you don’t have to deal with the Canadian customs. I will say most of the times I have had good experiences with the Canadian custom’s, but I have had the bad ones who want you to have all your forms in a row and all i’s dotted and your t’s crossed and if there not you might be there longer then you want. This is not a good way to start your hunting vacation.

Another good idea to rent your guns is that you don’t have to have the fear of having the airlines lose your gun. My dad had his gun stolen out of the Miami airport after he got back from Argentina, it wasn’t the foreign country that stole it, it was the good old U.S.A. Also take for example my trip to Arkansas. I flew from Reno to Las Vegas to Little Rock and somewhere in-between there they were able to lose my gun. I eventually got the gun back, but I had to drive 2 hours back to Little Rock to pick up my gun since the airlines were not allowed to deliver my gun.

So if I have the option out there I will gladly rent a gun the next time I go on a hunting trip out of state.

Happy Hunting


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My Outdoorsman Bucket List

Here are just a few things as an Outdoorsman that I have on my Bucket List. Even thought I’m only 26 still means that I hopefully have alot of time to fulfill some of these dreams.

African Safari. I’m really not that interested in the Big 5 but more interested in plains game such as the Kudo, Impala, and  an even harder hunt the Bongo. The only thing that is holding me back on this in financial restraints.

Spear Fishing. I have seen this before on T.V and always have wanted to try it. I think I’m training myself every time I’m in a pool and seeing how long I can hold my breath for. Spear Fishing does not look easy and that is what has grasped me towards doing this.

Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef to me is the Mecca for scuba divers. I have always wanted to go to Australia, and if I went I would probably want to go scuba diving before I went on a hunt.

Abalone Diving. This one seems to be the first one to be done off of this list. Its in Northern California, its cheap and affordable and not to mention Abalone is delicious.

Sea Duck Hunting in Alaska. I always love to go to Alaska, and the last time I was there I saw a bunch of sea ducks flying around which only made me want to do this more. Call me crazy but I really want to go up there in December when all of the Eiders and other rare ducks like that are hunt-able.

Well there is my 5 items that I have on my Bucket List (there’s more trust me) I figure I better finish them before I add more to the list.

Happy Dreaming


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Diver Hunting

Divers as they pertain to duck are not the most intellegent ducks of their species. But what they lack for in intellegence they surely make up for in sheer speed. I’m very fortanate to hunt in a marsh that has all types of ducks from the puddle ducks to the divers, to just about everything else. Diver hunting is by far and away one of my favorite kind of hunts. I’m going to share some of the techniques that I use when I’m hunting divers.

The one thing that I have noticed about most divers suchs as redheads, ringnecks, and scaup is that they will come into Mallard decoys, but the one thing that I have noticed is that if you want Canvasbacks you better have Canvasback decoys out. I’m convinced that it is the bright white that is on the Canvasback decoys is what will bring in the live Canvasbacks. Another thing that I have noticed about divers and decoys is that it does not really matter on how many decoys you put out, they will not flare off of them.

One technique that I use while I’m diver hunting with decoys is that I put a long line of decoys out that will bring them to a larger pack of decoys which will be closer to the blind. The idea is that the birds will follow the string of decoys into the large flock of decoys which  will give you a close shot on the divers.

The one thing that I cannot stress enough is when you are about to shot at the divers make sure you give it a big enough lead, they are moving faster then they look.  If you happen to wound a diver and see it go into the twolees don’t go chasing deep into the twolees after the diver, most of the time the diver will be on the outside of the twolees, and if you chase them out of the twolees they will swim to the other side and do the exact same thing.

Happy Hunting


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Hunting the ditches

One idea on how to duck hunt is hunting the ditch. While this can be hard to in some instances, simple techniques can be used to be succesfull in hunting a ditch for ducks.

When is the best time to hunt the ditches. One thing that I have noticed when I have been hunting ditches is that is easier to hunt them either ealier in the year or when all of the big ponds ice up. When all of the big ponds freeze up they go to the ditches because that is the only water that is open. Earlier in the year can be good but only if you are one of the first to jump it. Another good time to hunt ditches that I have noticed is when more northern birds arrive. This can be really good hunting because they do not have a set place where they are landing yet.

My technique on jumping the ditches is to class the ditch and see where the ducks are sitting down. After I have located where the birds are, I generally walk about 50 yards away from the ditch and then walk at an angle to where the birds are and preferably an angle at where the birds will not see you. One thing to remember is to keep good landmarks on where the birds are. There have been countless times where I have been hunting the ditches and putting the stalk on the birds when I have forgotten where exactly the birds were located at.

One other thing to keep in mind is that it might be a good idea to keep the labrador in the car during the stalk. Even the best labradors can get excited and blow a good ditch hunt for you.

Once you have found a good ditch to hunt. Don’t hunt it to many times, let the birds rest without being disturbed before you go there again. That will make the ditch hunt better for future ditch hunts.

the one thing to remember that is a must is to have fun while you are hunting. Things could be worse, like you could be at work instead of hunting.


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