Posted by: williamefrazer | November 10, 2011

Diver Hunting

Divers as they pertain to duck are not the most intellegent ducks of their species. But what they lack for in intellegence they surely make up for in sheer speed. I’m very fortanate to hunt in a marsh that has all types of ducks from the puddle ducks to the divers, to just about everything else. Diver hunting is by far and away one of my favorite kind of hunts. I’m going to share some of the techniques that I use when I’m hunting divers.

The one thing that I have noticed about most divers suchs as redheads, ringnecks, and scaup is that they will come into Mallard decoys, but the one thing that I have noticed is that if you want Canvasbacks you better have Canvasback decoys out. I’m convinced that it is the bright white that is on the Canvasback decoys is what will bring in the live Canvasbacks. Another thing that I have noticed about divers and decoys is that it does not really matter on how many decoys you put out, they will not flare off of them.

One technique that I use while I’m diver hunting with decoys is that I put a long line of decoys out that will bring them to a larger pack of decoys which will be closer to the blind. The idea is that the birds will follow the string of decoys into the large flock of decoys which  will give you a close shot on the divers.

The one thing that I cannot stress enough is when you are about to shot at the divers make sure you give it a big enough lead, they are moving faster then they look.  If you happen to wound a diver and see it go into the twolees don’t go chasing deep into the twolees after the diver, most of the time the diver will be on the outside of the twolees, and if you chase them out of the twolees they will swim to the other side and do the exact same thing.

Happy Hunting



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