Posted by: williamefrazer | November 11, 2011

My Outdoorsman Bucket List

Here are just a few things as an Outdoorsman that I have on my Bucket List. Even thought I’m only 26 still means that I hopefully have alot of time to fulfill some of these dreams.

African Safari. I’m really not that interested in the Big 5 but more interested in plains game such as the Kudo, Impala, and  an even harder hunt the Bongo. The only thing that is holding me back on this in financial restraints.

Spear Fishing. I have seen this before on T.V and always have wanted to try it. I think I’m training myself every time I’m in a pool and seeing how long I can hold my breath for. Spear Fishing does not look easy and that is what has grasped me towards doing this.

Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef to me is the Mecca for scuba divers. I have always wanted to go to Australia, and if I went I would probably want to go scuba diving before I went on a hunt.

Abalone Diving. This one seems to be the first one to be done off of this list. Its in Northern California, its cheap and affordable and not to mention Abalone is delicious.

Sea Duck Hunting in Alaska. I always love to go to Alaska, and the last time I was there I saw a bunch of sea ducks flying around which only made me want to do this more. Call me crazy but I really want to go up there in December when all of the Eiders and other rare ducks like that are hunt-able.

Well there is my 5 items that I have on my Bucket List (there’s more trust me) I figure I better finish them before I add more to the list.

Happy Dreaming



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