Posted by: williamefrazer | November 16, 2011

Why I leave my Shotgun at home for traveling

I have in the past traveled with my shotgun going to such countries as Argentina, Canada, and Arkansas, well the third one is not a country but I still brought my passport just in case. All three of these locations I have brought my shotgun to go bird hunting with. All three of these locations I have had problems with taking my shotgun in. So the question is should I take my shotgun?

When I first started to go to Canada for the first five times I would always take my shotgun with me just for the comfort factor in the fact that I know I can shoot it pretty accurate. On my last two visits to Canada I have been renting my shotgun from the outfitter in Canada. And I must say renting the shotgun is the way to go. The first problem is the price that is going to go along with your baggage if you want to take your gun. And since Southwest does not fly into Edmonton we have to use one of the other airlines who charge excessive amounts of money for every extra baggage you bring. The second reason why I would rent my gun through the outfitter is that you don’t have to deal with the Canadian customs. I will say most of the times I have had good experiences with the Canadian custom’s, but I have had the bad ones who want you to have all your forms in a row and all i’s dotted and your t’s crossed and if there not you might be there longer then you want. This is not a good way to start your hunting vacation.

Another good idea to rent your guns is that you don’t have to have the fear of having the airlines lose your gun. My dad had his gun stolen out of the Miami airport after he got back from Argentina, it wasn’t the foreign country that stole it, it was the good old U.S.A. Also take for example my trip to Arkansas. I flew from Reno to Las Vegas to Little Rock and somewhere in-between there they were able to lose my gun. I eventually got the gun back, but I had to drive 2 hours back to Little Rock to pick up my gun since the airlines were not allowed to deliver my gun.

So if I have the option out there I will gladly rent a gun the next time I go on a hunting trip out of state.

Happy Hunting



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