Posted by: williamefrazer | December 1, 2011

Ice Hunting for ducks in Nevada

As I sit here and look at the weather forecast I can see that the weather is going to be very cold, which means in most cases better hunting but it also means that the ice is coming. When the ice comes it can be a very rewarding but sometimes dangerous hunt. Here are some simple tools and rules that I use when I go ice hunting.

Some of the rules that I go by are fairly simple such as never go on a pond where you know you can’t touch the bottom or you don’t know how deep the pond is. When I go ice hunting I always take somebody with me just in case I fall through the ice and need help to get out.

Now for the tools. If you have never tried using ice cleats that strap on to your waders before I would strongly encourage you to. Most of them are rather lite and it gives you better traction on the ice so you don’t look like Bambi and end up on your face.

I always take a sled with me. Not only can it carry a lot of decoys but it can also be a huge help if you fall through the ice. The sled is also useful in making a hole in the middle of the ice. When I make a hole in the ice I usually try to make a large circle in the ice, and when I finish my circle I push the large circle of ice that I just cut out under the ice, which will give you a nice clean hole with no other articles of ice in the hole.

Now that you know what to do go out there and have fun.

Happy Hunting



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