Posted by: williamefrazer | December 26, 2011

Semi automatic to pump

When I went hunting today I did not have my trusty semi automatic Beretta Xtrema 391,  instead I had a Mossberg pump. On the first covey of quail that popped up my first shot went off fine, and then the second shot would not go off no matter how many times I tried to pull the trigger. Oh yeah, forgot to pump. After a while I got a the hang of the whole pump your gun before you shoot. After shooting the pump more I started to realize that I was shooting the pump better then if I would have been shooting a semi. Here are some of my theories on why.

Usually when I shoot my semi if I don’t have my head down on the stalk of the gun, then I will not hit anything. So on my semi I will shoot all three of my shells and not even realize the mistake that I have made by keeping my head up the whole time when I shot. When I’m shooting the pump I will shoot the gun and miss my first shot, when I realize I missed the first shot and have to pump the gun I have that little bit of time to figure out that my head is not down and then fix my mistake on the shooting. I realize during that couple of seconds on what I’m not doing right and have to fix the problem while I’m pumping the shotgun.

So I have come to the conclusion that even though a pump might not be as easy to use as a semi it can make you a better shot by making you think about how you are shooting and what you might be doing wrong. Now I have decided no matter how much I love to shoot my semi I should shoot the old pump every now and again to help and improve my shot.


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