Posted by: williamefrazer | November 30, 2011

Tips for Teal Hunting

Here are some helpfull tips that I have learned from my time hunting teal. Northern Nevada has a very stable of teal that stay in the Stillwater marsh all season. From February till September the marsh is filled with beautiful Cinnamon Teal. From Ocotober till January the marsh has an abundance of migrating teal. Here are some helpfull tips to make you successful in harvesting teal.

It doesnt matter how many decoys you put out. And it also doesnt matter what kind of decoys you put out. I have had teal land in my goose and swan decoys they do not descriminate on where they land. But the one thing that you need to do with the decoys and teal is to make sure that the teal decoys are visible, I have found that teal if they see decoys will buzz them no matter what you put out.

Duck calling at teal is not for the experts. Anyone can blow a duck call at a teal and as long as it sounds like a duck the teal will generally come in. I feel that just making noise will attract the teal and help encourage them to come into your decoys.

Make sure you have a good lead on the birds that you are shooting at. Teal are moving faster then they look and I have found that they generally need a six foot lead to be successfull in harvesting a teal.

The most important factor is the scouting. If you find where the teal are going in at, you will have a great hunt.

Happy Hunting



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