Posted by: williamefrazer | November 4, 2011

Worse day of hunting

It was a couple of years ago during one of the peak times to go duck and goose hunting in the marsh that I go hunting in. The day before it rained a little bit but I saw lots of duck and geese flying around during that time. So me and my buddy thought it would be a good idea to go goose hunting the next morning.

The next morning as we were preparing to go goose hunting my buddy brought up how many goose decoys we should take out, I thought that we should only take a couple since the field might be a little muddy because of the rain, my buddy thought we should take most of the goose decoys to have a better chance at getting a bird. So he finally won the argument, the walk out to the field was easy as it was still pretty cold and the mud had not warmed up yet. As we were unsuccessful on harvesting any geese we thought it would be a good time to walk back. On the way back we found out that the mud had warmed up and every step that we took we were all the way up to our hips in mud. Not to mention we were carrying at least 6o pounds of decoys a piece. A normal 10 minute walk turned into a two hour walk as both of us were exhausted and covered in mud beyond recognition of one another. Even the dog who is normally a black lab turned into a chocolate lab with all the mud he was covered in.

My buddy had enough and decided to go home. I had a pretty good spot to go duck hunting and thought it would be a good idea to go down the canal and break ice to get there. On my first attempt I was going pretty good until I noticed that I was almost out of gas, so I turned around and went back to the house to grab some gas. When I came back I saw one of my other buddies had just got there and asked if he wanted to join me on the hunt and he agreed. As we were going down the canal I noticed that the ice was getting thicker and thicker to break. At last I could see my hunting pond a couple hundred yards in the distance with ducks just dumping into the pond we were going to. The next thing I know my motor had come off the back of the boat and was not sinking to the bottom of the canal, I hurry and take my waders off and jump into the canal to fetch my motor. Turns out the water was over my head and the water temp was below 32 degrees.  I managed to grab the motor, but could not lift it out because it was so heavy. My buddy then comes in the water and helps me pull back in the boat. The motor is toast so my buddy had to go back to his cabin and grab his boat and bring it back to tow my boat in. The whole time all of this is happening there are hundreds of ducks dumping into the pond that we could never get to. By the time we got the boat back we had enough and called it a day.

In a day where I should of had a limit of ducks, I instead of had no birds to show for my efforts. But yet as I sit back and think about it this day surely was better then any day I could of had at work.

Happy Hunting



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