Posted by: williamefrazer | November 3, 2011

Duck Hunting in the Wind

One of the best and most difficult times to go duck hunting is in the wind. When the wind blows for whatever reason every duck in the valley decides they need to get up and fly directly into the wind. This makes it so there are plenty of opportunities to harvest ducks, but there are also plenty of opportunities in which some of your decision’s that you make will make it very hard for you to harvest a duck. Here are a few tips that I have learned both the hard and easy way while I have been hunting in the wind.

The one thing that I would recommend to any hunter before they even think about setting up their spread in their favorite duck pond is to go and scout and see where the ducks are. In the past I would wake up to a heavy wind and rather then scouting to see where the ducks were going, I would setup in my favorite duck pond. And when I did this I found to be very unsuccessful in harvesting a bird, and only more frustrated to see large volume of ducks flying in the distance. One easy way to have success in the wind is to see if the ducks are flying low, if they are just simply setup underneath their flyway. One other thing that I have noticed while I have been hunting ducks in the heavy wind is that ducks like to go into heavy two-lee  potholes where they are sheltered from the wind. If you have a spot like this go scout it out and see if the ducks are going in there during the wind.

Shooting can also be very difficult to do in high winds. While the birds seem to be flying in front of you at a very slow rate they really are not. Make sure you have a good enough lead to harvest your duck. I have had this problem plenty of times hunting in the past where I could not hit a bird, if I would have simply of corrected my lead to the correct distance I would have had a much better day.

No matter how many birds you harvest make sure you have fun. Remember hunting is supposed to be relaxing



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