Posted by: williamefrazer | November 2, 2011

Leaky Waders

I have gone through on average at least two pairs of waders a year while I have been duck hunting. It seems that I find the holes on opening day or when the ice hits and I break through it. Through all of the waders that I have owned I have never had a pair of waders that go past two years. And at prices at the minimum of $100 dollars a pair of waders I would like to find a solution to my wader problem or find a pair of waders that fit my hunting lifestyle.

I don’t know if it the way that I put the waders away at the end of every duck season or if it is the alkaline marsh that I go hunting in year round, nothing seems to last. I have had tried all of the wader brands Mad Dog, Cabelas, Remington and countless others, and they all have the same results of making it to two years if they are lucky and then drenching my feet at the time when I least expect it. Does anyone have a pair of waders that they have had for a while and use quite often that they would recommend?

I could try fixing the waders, while I have done this in the past they seem to last only a couple of weeks until a bigger hole forms in my waders and my feet are doing the backstroke in my boots. Is there a technique that anyone does that they would use on fixing a pair of waders?

My new theory that I’m trying this year is having two pairs of waders and splitting the time that I wear them. I’m hoping that this will cause less stress in the waders and that both pairs will last then the two year leak time.

If anyone has any kind of idea about how to fix this leaky wader problem please help out a fellow hunter.

Stay dry





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