Posted by: williamefrazer | October 27, 2011

Swan Hunting Nevada

Swan hunting in Nevada is one of the few states in the country where swan hunting is legal. In Nevada you can only harvest two swan’s a year with a permit that you can buy over the counter. You also need a NV hunting license along with a state and federal duck stamp along with a Nevada HIP #. So now the question is why should you go swan hunting?

I consider the swan to be the filet mignon of the sky. Not only is there breast meat delicious but there neck meat, when made into a soup can be quite delicious as well. Swan hunting is not easy as well, as you need to have the right equipment and setup to being successful in harvesting this bird.

What do you need hunting wise to go swan hunting. The first thing is good camo and good cover where ever your hunting so they cannot see you. Second something white and floats. When I first started hunting I would use old goose decoys that I would spray paint white, finally I ponyed up the big bucks and I know have a large flock of swan decoys. If you don’t have any of these just get something big and white that will get there attention from the air.

Usually when I setup for swans I look to see where the swans are roosting on the pond and then I kick them off. I know this goes against my rules on kicking off roasting birds, but this is the one bird that it is ok to do it with. Or the other option would be setup where the swans might be flying through during the day. Either way don’t expect to see any swans untill the last 15 minutes before sunset. And on alot of occasions the swans come 15 minutes after the sunset while I’m picking up the decoys as they are probably laughing at me for my effort.

Besides using decoys to attract swans I have another method that I seem to be the only one that I know that uses this method. While alot of people like to use a swan call and with alot of practice they sound really good, I find the natural swan call that comes from within sounds the better. I have shot almost all of my swans with me whooing at the swans. I have brought swans into a goose field with goose decoys by doing this call it works. The best kind of advice I could give someone on how to whooo without teaching them in person is to give out their best Ric Flair impersanation and  go  whooooooooooooooooooooooo. Another good idea is to mimic the swans as you hear them. Remember practice makes perfect.

Happy Huning




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