Posted by: williamefrazer | October 22, 2011

My kind of shotgun

Over the past ten years or so I have had one shotgun that I can always depend on. I’m anything but a gun expert and can only tell you what I like about the guns that I have had from personal experiences. I will also be honest about my gun cleaning and practices, I’m not a clean freak hunter when it comes to cleaning my gun. My shotgun will get an exterior clean maybe after every hunt but an interior clean might happen after the end of every duck season or when my shotgun goes for its annual swim into the marsh. So what kind of shotgun do I use?

Lets start with the shotguns that I have had before. I have had Browning shotguns before the gold and the silver, they are very sweet shooting guns and I seem to shoot them exceptionally well, but I have had problems with keeping them operational during the hunting season. Even if I clean the whole gun after every hunt they still seem to get jammed or have other problems while I’m out in the field.

Bennelli shotguns while these are favorite of many duck hunters that I know, I have shot Bennellie’s before and I just don’t like how they feel. Nothing against the gun it’s just my own preference.

I know two other people who have won Stogers at duck dinners, and both of these hunters have had problems with these guns such as parts of the gun falling off while they were hunting.

My gun that I have used for the last ten years and have had zero problems with is the Berretta Xtreama 391. If you look at my gun you will notice through wear and tear that  it has been on many of duck hunts. It has a little rust going down the barrel, the choke can no longer be taken out of the gun because it has been shot so many times that it has been permanently welded into the gun. I have dropped the gun into alkaline waters at least a half dozen times. But even with all these problems it is the one gun that I can take hunting and knowing that it will work out in the field. Not only do I have full faith that my gun will work I also shoot this gun very effective when it comes to waterfowl.

The Xtrema 391 is my kind of shotgun.


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