Posted by: williamefrazer | October 21, 2011

Simple Rules for Ice Hunting

Every year when it gets really cold in the Stillwater marsh in Nevada, the marsh which was once just water turns into a thick piece of ice. While hunting in the ice can be very rewarding when it comes to getting ones limit of ducks, it can also be very dangerous as well. I have had personal experiences where I have had been breaking my boat down an ice filled canal only to have the motor fall off the back of the boat. So here are some simple rules everyone should keep in mind before they go hunting out in the ice.

Know how deep the water is before you make your way out onto the ice. If you have hunted out in a pond and know the depth of the water then you should have no problem with walking out on the ice, even if the ice breaks. If you are hunting a new pond where you have not been before it might be a good idea to stay away from going across the ice or hunting that pond in general.

While it is always rewarding to take your hunting dog hunting it can be very dangerous to take them hunting out on the ice. If you do take them, Make sure you know how deep the water is in case the dog breaks through the ice and make sure the dog can touch the bottom, make sure you will be able to reach the dog if the dog breaks through the ice.

Simple rules like these will make it a very safe and rewarding hunt.


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