Posted by: williamefrazer | October 14, 2011

No Luck on Bands

Every year it seems like me and one of my friends where I go duck hunting shot the same amount of birds every year, the only difference is he gets like 12-20 bird bands a year while I might be lucky enough to get 1. Why is this? Do the duck gods not like me? Does it make a difference what kind of bird I shoot?

I used to have a theory for every 100 birds that I would kill that 1 of those 100 birds would be banded. This theory seemed true for a good 4 years and I started to have other believers in my theory until the dry spell hit me. I went 4 years without getting a banded duck, I shot over 300 birds in those years and not one single band for my hard work (Don’t get me wrong I don’t hunt just for the bands but I love to hunt and I especially love the taste of birds and none of the birds that I harvest during the year go to waste). Finally last year I broke the dry spell and shot a duck out of a ditch. This is the same ditch that usually provides 10 -12 banded birds a year.

New Theory. My new theory is that if you want a banded bird the place to get them is out of a ditch, for whatever reason a bird who has a little silver bracelet that goes around their foot feel more comfortable in a ditch.

This is my new theory and who knows it might have a better run then 4 years, we will have to wait and see.


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