Posted by: williamefrazer | October 13, 2011

Nevada Duck Season is Almost Here

A few reminders about Nevada hunting laws for all of my hunting friends who plan on going duck hunting this weekend.

First thing to remember is to buy your hunting license with all of the correction information about oneself on there.

Another thing that you are going to need is a Nevada and Federal Duck Stamp. Not only do you need to purchase these but you need to sign them as well. If you do not sign these stamps you can be citied a ticket by a game warden. After you get your stamps make sure you call in your HIP #, if this is not done you can also be citied a ticket by a game warden.

Now that we have the license out of the way make sure the shotgun that you are taking can only hold three shotgun shells in it. You might have gone chuckar hunting and forgot to put the plug back in. Always make sure that you have steel shotgun shells with you, if you have lead that would be a very bad thing if you are checked by a game warden.

Next thing you need to know before you go to the field is the start and finish time of shooting hours. Start time is half hour before sunrise and stopping time is at sunset.

Make sure you know the limit of the species that you are hunting and that you are capable of identifying the bird before you shot the gun.

Most important have fun, if you follow the rules you will have nothing to worry about but making memories in the marsh with friends and family.


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