Posted by: williamefrazer | October 8, 2011

Goose Hunting Nevada

I have been goose hunting in Nevada for my whole life. I often wonder what can make or break a good goose hunt. Here are some of the examples that come to my head if you want to be successful in harvesting a goose.

How many decoys is enough. In the beginning of the year when the geese have hardly been shot at the more decoys the merrier. They often want to find the biggest population of other geese to feed with for a since of security. Later in the year the best thing to do is only have a half dozen decoys out. At this time of the year they have been shot at so many times by hunters who have large spreads of decoys that they are very nervous about being around any kind of large number of birds, decoys or alive birds. And while I’m on the subject of decoys if you are hunting ducks and geese later in the year, I have found the best results for harvesting either of the two is to put the  two decoy spreads as far apart as you can from one another. There are alot of hunters who like to put everything together decoys wise while sometimes it might work, I feel that the best decoy spread is by setting it up like how you would set it up as you would most likely see it in Nature.Another thing that I have heard which I do not know if its true or not but I have  never had good results when I put goose and swan decoys together, supposedly the swans and the geese do not like each other at all.

Be good at goose calling. If you have a new fancy goose call that you have never practiced with before don’t practice it in the blind. Always take the call that you feel the best with, even if it is a flute call.

Leave the dog home. Even thought the house might be destroyed by the time you go home, most hunters in Nevada that I have noticed do not have good goose dogs, they often break when the gun goes off or run out to greet the geese as they try to land in the decoys. While there is always an exception to the rule dogs are better in the marsh then the field.

If there is a dry ditch use it. I know everyone likes to use there super duper stealth blind that you put out in the middle of the field. But I have had the best results just by sitting in the ditch, I have seen the geese who have been shot at before and might be a little skid dish do a couple of passes and will be studying the decoys very extensively before finally coming in for a landing. I feel that if you have a couple of big clumps out in the middle of the field by the decoys that those geese not commit to coming in and will probably o somewhere else.

Scout, scout and some more scout. Scouting is the best thing you can do to be a successful hunter, not only does it work great with geese but it also works great with any kind of animals. This is my most important tip to tell you while you are scouting, if you see geese in a pond first thing in the morning and looks like they have been sitting there all night Do Not Hunt that Spot. These geese are roosting there, what you want to do is watch where those geese fly off to and  land later in the morning. If you scare them off the roost there is a good chance they are not coming back, and might even leave your hunting area for the year. Another good tip if you are going to a field for the first time that year and haven’t had the chance to scout the field go and look for fresh goose poop, that is where you will want to set your decoys.

Don’t Move. When the geese are flying over you, you have to remember that there are like 40 eyes watching over you and if one of them sees you they are going to alert their buddies and find a new place for their morning breakfast. Also another good reason not to bring the dog.

Have fun. Goose hunting can be one of the most rewarding hunts there is. Not to mention goose is great to eat, and also great to make jerky out of.

Happy Hunting



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