Posted by: williamefrazer | October 7, 2011

Best and Worst Fishing Trips

We all have had are great fishing trips where all of the stars aligned and we caught our limit of fish and one big one that makes the picture you took with your catch that much better to show off to your friends. And then we have all had those fishing trips where you would never tell your buddies about what happened, and where every time your turned your back the lines were getting twisted into the propeller or the down riggers were somehow getting stuck together, which to this day you still can’t figure out how that happened. Here are some of the best and fishing trips that I have been on when I have rented out a charter to go fishing.

Best fishing trip would have to be in Cabo San Lucas when I went fishing with Picante! when I was still in middle school. If you ever go to Cabo and you want to go deep sea fishing I would highly recommend going with Picante! they are simply the best to go with in Cabo. Not only did we catch tuna after tuna, I caught my first Stripped Marlin as well. After we let the Marlin go we continued to haul tuna after tuna until we could no longer lift a rod after how sore we were. We had the hotel prepare some of the tuna for us that night and it was some of the best fish that I have ever had. That and probably fishing in Alaska is some of the best fishing I have ever done in my life.

Worst fishing trips, well I have had a lot when I have been the guide (and this blog is not about my mistakes), but the worse had to be when we went fishing in the San Francisco bay for Halibut. Me and my brother rented out a private boat for the two of us so we could sit back and relax and have a good day of fishing. While we were fishing the guide would set the hooks and then put them where they needed to be. As we were watching the rods I heard this weird noise coming from the cockpit, it turned out to be the captain as he was snoring away inside the cabin.  While this normally not bother me as being an experienced fisherman, I noticed that there was a strong tide that day and it was pushing the boat  directly towards a bridge as a fairly fast rate. So we had to wake the captain up (who was not the happiest of people to wake up), and have him drive us back where the fish might be and continue fishing. It’s bad when this happens once, but when it continues to happen 4 times in a row you start to sit back and reflect on your decision making process when it comes to selecting fishing guides. Not only did our lives feel threaten at times but even more troublesome was all of the other boats that were around us were catching fish like it was going out of style. We could have tried a different kind of bait or set up to catch fish but that would have involved waking the captain up. Luckily for this guy it was such a bad memory that I blocked his name out of my head so I can’t tell you not to go fishing with him.

If you have a great day fishing or a bad day fishing the most important thing to remember is that the worst day fishing is still better then the best day of working.

Happy fishing



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