Posted by: williamefrazer | September 30, 2011

Are you Ready for Duck Season??

Did you know that there is only 15 more days until duck season starts for Nevada. It used to be when I was little my favorite day of the year would be Christmas, well that changed to opening day of duck when I turned 12. I recently drove around the public in Stillwater and my oh my does it look like we are going to have a really good first two weeks and then some. So this got me thinking what am I going to need so I’m properly prepared for opening morning.

The first thing that I do before duck hunting eve is set at least 3 alarms to make sure you wake up on time. Reasons for having 3 alarms set, there’s a good chance your buddies come by duck hunting eve which is going to involve a couple bottles of whiskey consumed by all involved, which will then make you not want to wake up  the next morning. If the alarm doesn’t wake you up then it probably will wake someone else up in the house. And if the alarms don’t wake you  or someone else up then it will wake up the hunting dog(who is probably ten times more excited about opening day then you are) who will be on top of your bed licking your face until you arise. The most reoccurring nightmare that I have is missing opening morning of duck hunting because I overslept.

Make sure you charge your flashlight or have new batteries for your flashlight. I have pretty good eyesight but it only seems to work during the day, so make sure the flashlights are ready to go. There have been countless times where I have been on trips where we have this small light and we are trying to navigate down the channel to our favorite bird blind with great difficulty.

Check your waders for leaks. I usually go through 2 pairs of waders a year and don’t throw away the bad waders, and then when it comes time for next duck season I have forgotten which waders have the holes in them. Luckily for the boys downstairs opening day starts in early October instead of December.

Make sure your gun works. Go out a week or so before the season and shot some sporting clays, there is nothing worse then having a broken gun when there are birds flying all around your blind. I’m pretty sure that ducks have little sensors in there heads that go off when a hunter has a malfunctioning gun which brings them to your pond.

Make sure your boat works. The only thing worse then having your boat not work is having your buddies tow you to the blind as they laugh at you the whole ride there.

Decoys. You know those new decoys you bought this las off season it might be a good idea to put weight and line on them so they don’t get away. Might sound funny but I’ve seen happen before. Also a good idea to check old decoys for holes, you always have those buddies who are not the best shot and add a couple of pounds to you decoy spread.

Mosquito repellant. The ducks might not be happy about opening day, but the mosquitos will be more then willing to greet you with an open mouth. I find whatever has deet in it works great, and if your don’t like deet I would suggest your try Thermacell which gives off a smoke and a odorless smell which keeps the mosquitos away pretty good.

Clothing make sure you have the right clothes that you are going to need. Hats, gloves, jackets all the things you wouldn’t forget in two months.

And don’t forget to have fun. Opening day is only once a year make sure you spend it with your friends, family and your hunting dog. These are memories that are going to last forever, especially if you forget something.

Happy Hunting

Will F



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