Posted by: williamefrazer | September 29, 2011

Should Bear Hunting be Allowed in Nevada?

I have been a life long hunter and a 4th generation Nevadan and feel that I have a pretty good understanding about the Nevada. For the last year or so there has been a debate on whether there should or should not be a black bear hunt in Nevada. Here are my thoughts on the debate.

On first hearing that there was a possibility of a Black Bear hunt in Nevada my reaction was good. I have always felt that if there is a size able population that can support being hunted and has scientific proof that it can reproduce and continue a good healthy population, that the oppurtunity needs to be discussed and evaluated about having a hunting season about that animal.

 As news of the possibility of a black bear hunt happening people from all over came out of the wood works.  At the beginning it seemed that there was more anti bear hunters out there and whenever there was some kind of debate or discussion that was going to be discussed at a wildlife commission hearing they would be there in full capacity arguing there point of views on why there should not be a bear hunt. For several months I have read how the public was fully against this bear hunt with all kind of numbers coming from the anti hunters on why the general population does not want a bear hunt. It seemed that whenever there was some kind of black bear hunt protest or hearing we were always seeing the anti hunters and never anyone imbetween or on the other side.

Last year the wildlife commission decided that they were going to allow a bear season with 40 tags being given out and only 20 bears allowed to be harvest or when a total of 6 female bears were killed they would shut off the season regardless of how many male bears or tags were still out there.

With the season going on the Wildlife Commission met last week and held two meetings to see if they wanted to have a permanent bear season, being an outdoors man I decided that I would attend this meeting and see what both sides had to say and see if there was any merit to either side.

The first speaker was Carl Lackey a biologist for NDOW who put on a great presentation about the bear population in Nevada, he showed that there was already a stable number of black bears in the state that are growing at 16% each year,plus a number of bears that come from California. He also showed the bear season that theycurrently have in California, where the hunting areas that they have boarders the Nevada/California state line and also boarders the Nevada bear hunting areas. California also has a 1500 bear quota for those areas every year. Quite a bit more then the 20 we have in Nevada. He also showed data that showed that having the hunt in Nevada would not hurt the population of bears living in the state, but that they would still be available to reproduce every year at successful rates which would have an increase in bears every year. There were numerous other facts that the biologist had that helped me decide that having a bear hunt in Nevada would not hurt the bear population. No time during the presentation did the biologist personally say he felt that there should be a bear season in Nevada, rather he felt that the bear population could support a hunt in the state. When the anti bear people stood up to speak I never really heard any facts on why the bear season is a bad thing, but what I did hear from them sounded that it was more from the hearts and there was no facts to what they had to say. I also heard them say that there was overwhelming support of people who voted on some newspaper or something who were against the hunt, my argument to that is, I never once saw where I could vote on that issue in a newspaper and none of my friends who are outdoors man and that aren’t never saw where one could vote on this issue. So I could see where the numbers could be skewed to one side on this poll. They also said they had am 18,000 people signed petition on who were against this hunt, they never said where these people were from or if they had received all of these signatures in person. I would find it very easy to get 18,000 signatures for a bear hunt if I put a link on a pro hunting website. I also heard that black bear are not eatable, I also find this to be quite false, as I have had some in the past.

My final conclusion is that Nevada should have a bear season. I spoke during the meeting that I went to and said “Statistically speaking if this was any other kind of animal say such as a wild hog who had the same kind of statistics as a black bear none of these people would be here.” Nevada is also the only state in the country who has a huntable size population of black bears in the state which are currently not being hunted. I find that looking at research that has been collected for the last ten years that supports a bear hunt rather then making a decesion from your heart is a far better for the bears in general.


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