Posted by: williamefrazer | September 24, 2011

Does it matter where the hunting dog sleeps?

Me and my hunting buddy always have this constant battle in the duck blind on which kind of hunting dog is better. He says the labrador who is not allowed into the household will respect his master better for being more strict and demanding more discipline. I have always said the dog who is allowed in the house will always love you more and want to please you that much more. So I have decided to look at the past 5 hunting dogs that the Frazer’s have owned to see which theory is correct the kennel dog theory or the house dog theory.

The first lab that we had was named Deke (after decoys). I was very little and hardly remember Deke. Deke was not allowed around me or my brother and sister lived outside all of the time, and was never permitted into the house. Deke was a good hunting dog and always did what was asked for him. Unfortunately for Deke, it that he didn’t like my older brother and tried to bite him (I can’t blame him, the dog had good taste). Deke was then moved to a ranch where he spent the rest of his days. Rating: Kennel dog

The Second Lab that we had was Blue (named after shotgun shells). Blue was a great hunting dog with a great nose, if you dropped a duck in the thickest of two-lees he would go charging straight in after it and would not return until he had retrieved it. Blue was allowed to be around the kids, but when it came to other dogs the only thing he would want to do would be to fight. Blue was also a champion retriever winning 1st place at my hunting club. Blue was stuck outside, and preferred it that way, once while it was raining my mom decided to bring Blue in to get him out of the weather, as my mom tried to go back to sleep, she felt two eyes glaring at her, as she put the light back on she saw Blue sitting there starring at her, she then asked Blue if he needed to go outside which he did, as she opened the door he went running back to his kennel and refused to leave. Blue was tough and he knew it. Rating:Kennel Dog

The third Lab was named Guage (after the  twelve guage). He was a part time house dog and part time kennel dog, a good but not great hunter and a dog that liked to run away. He somewhat liked kids and he somewhat liked other dogs. Unfortunately for him the running away part did not turn out well for him. Rating Kennel/House Dog

The fourth Lab was named Nitro Niner (after shotgun shells and my favorite football team). Nitro had great eye site and could see for miles when the bird went down. Nitro had a great distaste for Canadian Geese after being attacked by one as a puppy, when he grew into his adult size of a 100 pound labrador he would make sure that the goose was no longer flapping even if it’s wings were clipped. Nitro was not very fond of other dogs or little kids but he was ok with grownups as long as they didn’t go near his food. Nitro was also a champion retriever. He one first place as a senior puppy in the state puppy championship and he was also a champion at the gun club that I belong to. Nitro started out as an outside dog and slowly transformed into being a house dog/hunting dog. Nitro as a house dog would always get to stay in the house day or night but never would be a bed dog. On one occasion when we were hunting down in Chico my buddy would not let Nitro sleep in the house so he was banished to the garage, when we woke up in the morning to let Nitro out we couldn’t find him, finally I looked in my buddies expensive ski boat to see Nitro passed out on the drivers seat. Rating: House Dog

And now to my current and most spoiled Lab Mick (no idea where that name came from). Great bird dog,and a even better dog to have in the blind, often times forgetting that he is there. Mick is know to retrieve 2 full size Canadian Geese in his mouth at once, and a personal record of 4 teal ducks in his mouth at once. Mick also has Napoleon Syndrome where he is the smallest lab with the biggest attitude, often times bring back birds that weigh 20 pounds back with ease.Mick stays in the house no matter what the weather situation. Once in the morning when he was let out to goto the bathroom he noticed that there was frost on the grass rather then walking on the grass to go he simply lifted his leg up while he was on the cement did his business and came running back inside. Mick currently has over 30 stuffed toys which all have individual names which he knows by name and will retrieve to you on command of the stuffed animals name. Mick is also a bed dog, and when I say bed dog I really mean is bed hog as he often times will take up the whole bed and try to push you off the bed for his own comfort. Rating: House Dog

My final decision is that the my family has had really good labradors when it comes to hunting  regardless if they are Kennel Dogs or House Dogs. But I’m sure the battle will still rage between me and my hunting buddy and there will never be a resolution in site.


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