Posted by: williamefrazer | September 22, 2011

Hello Great Outdoor Enthusiasts

Hello All,

Hello my name is Will Frazer, I’m a 4th generation Nevada and have been hunting, fishing and exploring the great outdoors my whole life. That is my true passion in life and always feel at peace in the world when I’m in the outdoors. In this blog I will be talking about where and what I like to hunt .I will also discuss what I do while I hunt that makes me successful and also my blunders which I learn from. While I would like to just talk about Northern Nevada and all of the hunting and fishing that it has to offer I will also be talking about other states and countries that I have been to before.  I will talk about what you should bring and what you should expect from the weather, locals and other things that you will expect that I experienced when I was in an area that I wasn’t used to.

While I will be talking about hunting and fishing for the majority of my blogs, I will also be talking about other things that does not involve harvesting of animals such as hiking, swimming, scuba diving and other outdoor activities. Take for the example the one time that I have been to Africa. I was there on a safari, but it  was not a hunting safari it was a photo safari.

I would also like to talk about other political issues that effect the outdoors. Take for example the Black Bear Hunt in Nevada, is it right or is it wrong, and what do I think. Also what do I feel about the upcoming quotas on big game animals in Nevada, and how many Pintail should be in a limit.

I will also post other helpful items such as receipes on how to prepare your game or fish.

I look forward to blogging for you, and hope to hear from you in the future.

Will F


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